Heritage and Identity in Times of War and Peace: organised by the ICOMOS-UK Young Professionals

This online event, organized by ICOMOS-UK in collaboration with ICOMOS-Portugal, explores how heritage and identity influence community decisions to preserve or destroy heritage (built and intangible) in peacetime and wartime. It also explored how peacetime decisions can be more destructive than wartime decisions and how these in turn affect the heritage and identity of future generations.


The speakers were:

Dr. Ataa Alsalloum: Lecturer in Architecture and Urban Heritage at The University of Liverpool, UK

Dr. Hossam Mahdy: Freelance Consultant on the Conservation of Built Heritage, Independent Researcher & Lecturer, UK

Dr. Caroline Sandes: Cultural heritage project manager & researcher, UK


Noor Ragaban: PhD candidate in Architecture at The University of Liverpool, UK

Mohamad Meqdad: PhD candidate in Critical Heritage Studies at the Department of History – Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands