This is our update on our arrangements in response to the need for new ways of working to counter the spread of coronavirus.

As of the end of this week, all staff will be working from home. You will still be able to contact us through our work email addresses. Phone contact will not be possible on a regular basis.

We have cancelled two planned lectures, which we had not announced yet and would have taken place between April and May. We are aiming to re-schedule both of these for the Autumn.

This hiatus means we will probably have to delay this year’s Annual General Meeting. Our constitution does not allow remote voting (something we explored but discounted for reasons of resources) so we do have to hold a meeting. As you can imagine there are many other charities in a similar situation to us, and the Charity Commission is well aware of the issues and is offering to be as flexible and supportive as possible. In due course we will update you.

If you have any queries on the current arrangements, please do make contact. Thank you for your understanding.