ICOMOS-UK 2020: Five Year Strategy

The ICOMOS-UK 2020 Strategy aims to advance and promote the conservation of cultural heritage by strengthening existing international best practice networks, increasing opportunities for young professionals, enhancing ICOMOS-UK’s influence and growing its membership.

ICOMOS-UK is an internationally recognised organisation that brings expertise together to promote the conservation of heritage through knowledge exchange, innovation, capacity building, advocacy and engagement. It provides a vibrant, globally active network for professionals from all disciplines and career stages while supporting all those interested in cultural heritage through education and events. ICOMOS-UK offers young professionals Continuing Professional Development programmes and is financially self-sustaining through the support and growth of its membership. ICOMOS-UK offers independent advice on World Heritage Sites protection, management and nomination.

ICOMOS-UK Mission to advance and promote conservation by:

· Providing a network of professionals, interest groups, communities and individuals to encourage conservation and cultural heritage management innovation through international and interdisciplinary dialogue, knowledge exchange and skills development.

· Raising the profile of cultural heritage through advocacy and engagement and build awareness of its social and economic importance including its role in building sustainable and resilient communities.

ICOMOS-UK’s strategic growth areas:

Knowledge exchange

Ensuring adoption of best practice, technical skills and new conservation philosophies to further develop ICOMOS-UK as a leader in and focus for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange at both a national and international level.


Increasing ICOMOS-UK as a focus for cross-disciplinary innovative, collaborative thinking on conservation policy and practice in the UK and internationally. Ensuring cutting-edge techniques are safely applied to irreplaceable heritage assets.

Capacity Building

Developing the necessary skills to protect cultural heritage. Increasing the opportunity for members, organisations and the wider public to take part in capacity building and skills development related to conservation of cultural heritage.

Advocacy and engagement

Providing expert leadership to ensure effective conservation of cultural heritage. Providing informed advice on development to people and organisations to avoid adverse effects on cultural heritage. Strengthening the influence of ICOMOS-UK to ensure that the role and importance of cultural heritage is understood at all levels of government and across the wider community.