Exciting new collaboration launched within World Heritage in the UK

ICOMOS-UK and World Heritage UK strengthen their working relationship through a formal agreement

The UK National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS-UK) and World Heritage UK (WHUK) today announce a new collaboration. This will establish closer working and cooperation between these two organisations, working with and on behalf of the UK’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

“We welcome this new Memorandum of Understanding which marks the beginning of a long term collaboration in the promotion of the UK’s World Heritage Sites,” says Clara Arokiasamy OBE, President at ICOMOS-UK. “Joint working with organisations as significant as World Heritage UK is critical to delivering ICOMOS-UK’s goal of advising and supporting key organisations in the UK on the implementation of UNESCO’s 1972 World Heritage Convention and the management of our amazing World Heritage Sites. We look forward to a constructive and fruitful collaboration with World Heritage UK with positive outcomes for stewards and custodians of World Heritage Sites and communities across the country.”

“World Heritage UK is delighted to have joined ICOMOS-UK in a strong and focused collaboration,” says Tony Crouch, Chair of the Board of Trustees at World Heritage UK. “By working together, we will be able to support the sector more effectively, gain greater understanding and appreciation of this nation’s globally significant heritage, and broadcast to a wider audience the importance and value of the UK’s collection of exceptional World Heritage Sites.”

The benefits of this new collaboration include.
• Greater and wider exposure for World Heritage, the World Heritage Convention, and World Heritage Sites in the UK
• Greater synergies between two independent charities working on behalf of World Heritage
• Greater benefits for members of both ICOMOS-UK and WHUK as both organisations share and align their communications and activities

ICOMOS-UK is the UK National Committee of ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) which has a special role as an official adviser to UNESCO on cultural World Heritage Sites. Both were formed in 1985 and both are membership organisations. ICOMOS-UK became a charity in 1992 and a CIO in 2016 (Registered Charity 1175871). It promotes and provides independent advice on appreciation and understanding of cultural heritage conservation, policy and practice in the UK and worldwide, and has a special focus on World Heritage Sites.

World Heritage UK was established in 2015 as an independent charitable organisation (Registered Charity 1163364). WHUK works locally, nationally and internationally, to build awareness and knowledge of, and engagement with, both World Heritage as a whole and all the UK’s natural, cultural, mixed, and cultural landscape World Heritage Sites. WHUK provides its members training, networking and resources to support their management and conservation of the UK’s World Heritage Sites.