Heritage Impact Assessment Guidance Webinar

On September 13th, WHUK and ICOMOS-UK jointly present a webinar that explains the aims, methods and benefits of HIAs for cultural World Heritage sites.

Tickets are available here.
About the Event:

New Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) guidance for UNESCO World Heritage sites has recently been published. It can be found here.

This webinar series explains methods/processes, obligations, benefits, scales, and timings of HIAs in the context of identifying sustainable options for cultural World Heritage sites.

Jointly organised by WHUK and ICOMOS-UK, these events are suitable for Planning Officers, Property Managers, World Heritage Site Coordinators, Consultants, Developers, Architects, Chartered Institutes, Planning Inspectorate, Planning Committee members and others who may benefit from a wider understanding of the new guidance and how it might most beneficially be used.

Please note: There are 2 events planned in this series. This page is for tickets to Webinar 1, which relates to HIAs for WHS Managers & Planning Officers.

The second event, HIAs for Developers & Consultants, will be held on 15th November 2023. For further information and to reserve a place, please contact: admin@icomos-uk.org


Detailed Programme

Webinar 1: HIAs for WHS Managers & Planning Officers

Wednesday 13th September 2023, 10am – 12pm


10.00 – Introduction, WHUK Trustee

10.05 – HIAs with Susan Denyer, ICOMOS-UK. Susan will speak about:

  • Tools available – processes and timeframes
  • Attributes of OUV
  • Using tools available – HIAs, EIAs
  • Planning processes
  • Scale and scope of HIAs
  • UNESCO processes

10.35 – A planner’s perspective, with Cadw’s Senior Planning Officer Neil Maylan

10.55 – A coordinator’s perspective, with one of the Cornish Mining coordination team

11.15 – Q&A and discussion session

11.40 – Wrapping up by Susan Denyer

11.45 – Finish