A303 route in and near the Stonehenge WHS

ICOMOS-UK written representation

The Planning Act 2008 – Section 89 and The Infrastructure Planning (Examination Procedure) Rules 2010 – Rule 8, Rule 13 and Rule 16 Application by Highways England for an

Order Granting Development Consent for the A303 Amesbury to Berwick Down



This written representation sets out that ICOMOS-UK has consistently suggested that the improvements to the A303 route in and near the Stonehenge WHS should safeguard the whole of the WHS and its setting. It explains why we consider that the limits and status of the WHS should have been identified at the start of the overall A303 project, and why the assessment of tunnel options within the WHS and of alternative routes outside the WHS lacked rigour as they were not based on OUV. The main outcome of the three ICOMOS Advisory Missions are highlighted as are the recent relevant decisions of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. Attention is drawn to the obligations of the World Heritage Convention and the reasons why harm to one part of a WHS cannot be mitigated by benefits elsewhere. In conclusion, our views align with those of the ICOMOS Advisory Missions and the UNESCO World Heritage Committee: we are not contesting the idea of a tunnel, but believe that one that is insufficiently long would result in adverse and irreversible damage to OUV